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Andrew is a furry living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He has been a furry since 2007, having been an early fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and has acknowledged himself as a furry since early 2009.


Andrew's fursona is a 17-year-old male anthropomorphic chiroprocyon, Prokadae Lotor Saminoca. Prokadae is Andrew's dominant fursona (and screenname).

"Prok" is a part bat, and part raccoon hybrid, with the raccoon portion being dominant. he has the major build of a raccoon, save a pair of bat-like ears(and hearing to match) and two prehensile leathery wings jutting from his shoulder blades that span 7 feet to either side of his torso. after sprouting them, he did not want to cut holes in his favorite t-shirts, and so had two pockets surgically set into his skin that begin just behind his armpits and wrap around his ribcage. if he feels so inclined, he can tuck his wings into these pockets, however lying down is uncomfortable for him while doing this because of the bones in his wings.

Prokadae stands 6 foot 3 and weighs 120 pounds, wearing mostly just a green t-shirt, some khaki pants, and a dynamicoat(which is essentially a computer made of cloth) with several of pockets, must full of his favorite snack, sour gummi worms. he hails from the year 5339, and owns a Valkyrie-class personal spacecraft that has been renamed more times than the extraterrestrial transportation administration care for. among names written and rewritten in chalk on the side of the vessel are such things as "battlestar enterprise", "halitosis", and "Fred".it is currently under the designation "Erasmus", after the famous Dutch Renaissance humanist Desiderius Erasmus, an advocate of free will. It is shaped like an elongated bullet with 4 wings, two on each side that loop and join at the ends, near the engines, which run on a kind of particle artificially created to glide along the scaffolding of reality, allowing the ship to travel at the exact speed the universe is expanding, which is faster than the speed of light, while sidestepping relativity and its pesky time travel effects.

Prokadae caries two semiautomatic handguns that fire pellets filled with white hot plasma. these pellets emit a light blue streak when fired, can melt a hole and inch wide in half inch thick iron plating, and emits a small EM pulse upon impact. when in need of heavy fire, he turns to his "pet" flamethrower, fluffy, which fires a stream of lit napalm fifty feet with relative accuracy.


Andrew has described Prokadae as "everything wild and crazy about me, stuffed in a box and labeled 'not for resale'." Prokadae, like his creator, is an avid traveler and a music lover. Prokadae is never afraid to do something drastic to keep boredom at bay or lighten a mood, but can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes.


In 3142, the human reproductive system became mangled beyond repair due to a sudden increase in reproduction between transsexuals, hermaphrodites, and others. The league of worlds (each ethnic group was given terraformed planetoids within reach of earth) put together a team of geneticists who come up with a plan: catalog every species in the worlds and simplify their genetic codes into 46 chromosomes by overlapping DNA helixes(thus increasing mitosis rates and cellular regeneration rate) and bonding their DNA with that of humans. They named their new creations "human augments". They put the entire race in cryostasis for 20 years and altering their DNA, causing the "hum-augs" to become fertile again.

Prokadae was born two to raccoon parents. Early in his life, he began to feel bat-like urges, which eventually evolved into him sprouting wings and bat ears. Scientists puzzeled over this for many years, until it was discovered that one of his ancestors was the lead scientist on the human augment project, leading his entire family to be contaminated with odd DNA, which never appeared significantly until an unknown agent entered the family's genome and resulted in prokadae. The unknown agent is an extraterrestrial code embedded into humanity to fulfill an alternate purpose.

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