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Author(s) Ana and Kuro
Update schedule Every other Thursday
Launch date 7 July 2008
End Date Hiatus? Not updated on the site in awhile.
Genre Comedy, Drama, Real Life, Anthropomorphic
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Anakuro is a webcomic created by furry artist Ana and her husband Kuro. It is also the preferred moniker of Ana, the artist of the strip. The slice-of-life comic follows the titular characters through events that sometimes parallel the lives of its creators, and takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals whose species reflect their ethnicities.

Strips are presented in greyscale. Currently the comic seems to be on hiatus.


Main characters[edit]

Anastacia “Ana” Maria Hernández-Velázquez
  • Ana is a 23-year-old Iberian Lynx who currently lives with Kuro in Chicago, Illinois. Born in Madrid, she is fluent in both Spanish and English. She works as a graphics designer and freelance artist, and loves cookie dough, caffeine, and half-Japanese wolf boys. She is engaged to Kuro.
Kuro Mori
  • Kuro is a 25-year-old Kai Ken/gray wolf hybrid who works in Chicago as a jack-of-all-trades of sorts, repairing computers at Ana's design firm and doing other odd jobs. He was born to a Japanese father and American mother in Osaka, Japan, where he was ridiculed and ostracized for being multiracial. He later moved to Spain where he eventually met Ana. He is best described as "mopey," though Ana has managed on several occasions to make him crack a smile.

Secondary characters[edit]

Becca Takamura
  • Becca is a short, stocky Japanese raccoon dog and Ana's coworker and friend. She is 24 years old. As an American-born tanuki surrounded by raccoons, she is quite defensive of her species and will not tolerate being misidentified. Becca can be a bit boisterous and outspoken, but she has a kind heart and good intentions.
Shiroji Mori
  • Shiroji is Kuro's younger brother. He is much more upbeat and happy than his dour older sibling, possibly because he was too young to be affected by his mother's presumed death.

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