Anaconda Davida

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Anaconda Davida

Anaconda Davida, a Sin Factory title published by Radio Comix in April 2005, is an anthology of adult comics and artwork involving Snake characters. The stories were written by Brian Sutton and Shon Howell. The cover is in color; the interior is black and white. It had a print run of 1500.

Anaconda Davida contains "The Serpent in the Garden", a comic with art by DAQ; three "galleries" of artwork by Briano, one by Derrick Dasenbrock, and two by Shon Howell; "Sandy", a comic with art by Shon Howell; "Workin Stiff...", a comic with art by Derrick Dasenbrock; and "Snake in the Grass", another comic with art by D.A.Q.


Anaconda Davida no 1. (April 2005). San Antonio, Texas: Radio Comix.