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AmyFöxx. Art by FurryBob.

AmyFöxx, or just Föxx (born on February 3, 1978 in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil), is a transgender, therian / otherkin, singer / composer / lyricist / musician, LGBT+ activist / progressive and "humorist" who lives in Brazil.

In the furdom she was one of the moderators of the Portuguese portal of the community site Antropomorfos.

She has appeared in several Brazilian news outlets to talk about her music and also about her LGBT+ activism.

Currently, of Metal artists / "bands" from her city of origin, Föxx is the most listened on Spotify, and of Brazilian Heavy Metal, she is the trans woman who has the highest number of plays / streams on the platform.


AmyFöxx's fursona is a kemonomimi kitsune.


As a Heavy Metal singer, her first solo song was Constant Fight, released in 2013, and this is her official website:

In 2018 she released a single called Mankind (Raw Version).

In 2019 the album Rebel Hearts.

In 2020 the single Rebelião.

In 2021 the singles Rebel Hearts (2020), Mankind (Live Stream Concert), Emotional Rain and You're the Next.

In 2022 the single We.

In 2023 the single Constant Fight (10th Anniversary).

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