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Ante Flan (born August 8, 1987)[1] is a coyote currently residing in Manchester, Connecticut, U.S.A.[1]

Ante creates landscaping kits on Second Life and has been involved behind the scenes as a builder with several Second Life furry communities. He owns and operates the sim Erebus in Second Life, as well as the Second Life Vore Club.

His main occupation is as an independent video game designer and programmer.

Ante is the twin brother of Kabangeh Fitzroy.



Ante is a 5 foot 11 inch tall coyote character based almost entirely on his creator. For this reason, the character's attire, hair, and eyewear change dramatically from picture to picture to keep up with his creator's look. Most recently, he is most often seen with a plaid shirt, tight jeans, thick glasses and a peace medallion worn on a leather strap around his neck. It is because this character is so like his creator that he created Amplitude as a fursuit character, so he could have fun being somebody other then himself.


Amplitude by Silveryote

Amplitude Frequency (Also known as Amplitude or Amp) is a Ringtail (Cacomistle) character created by Ante Flan.


Amplitude is an anthropomorphic ringtail that is about 5 feet 4 inches tall with a slim frame who appears to be in his early 20s. The majority of his fur his lime green and off white, with darker green paws and black facial markings. He is often seen wearing hot pink to compliment his bright green fur.


Unbeknownst to him, Amplitude is a heavily modified clone of an unknown ringtail, which was then heavily modified during the cloning process. [citation needed] The process not only changed his fur color to a bright green, but left him with an unnatural fruity taste and smell. The process also left him without instinct, leaving him much more trusting and approachable then a typical ringtail. The machine always keeps a spare clone on deck just in case the unthinkable happens to Amplitude. New clones are deposited into bed when the old ones go missing, retaining most of their memories but assuming their demise was just a bad dream. It is unknown who created Amplitude and why, but it seems obvious that he was designed to draw attention to himself and get into trouble with predators.


As a character, Amplitude is often very loud, but only because he knows people don't mind because they love him so much. Though some may call him an egotist, he personally sees nothing wrong with knowing how super cool he is, and does not require attention to satisfy his ego (a mirror will do just fine). Being a clone, Amplitude is relatively inexperienced in the ways of the world, and practically devoid of instinct, making him very gullible and overly trusting of anyone more experienced then him. His ignorance often leads him to say some pretty ridiculous things. [citation needed] Amplitude is a strict vegetarian and would feel unbelievably guilty if he caused any other animal harm. He is a big fan of sweet things, and eats fruit almost exclusively, his favorite being watermelon. Amplitude loves everyone. If he doesn't love you, then you don't exist. [citation needed]

Species Confusion[edit]
Amplitude's business card

Amplitude is often mistakenly referred to as a lemur, and is quick to correct people who make this mistake by explaining the differences between the species. He also had business cards made that deal almost entirely with the species confusion, not even listing his name. Amplitude's twitter name, @NotALemur, is also a reference to this confusion. Though he has nothing against the lemur species, he is very defensive about his own species, especially about his not having hands for feet.


In an alternate, fan-created universe (A. Funiverse) created by Scurrow, Amplitude K. Frequencialsky graduated high school in 1977.[2] In this universe, Amplitude wore his hair in a massive afro. According to the year book, he was involved in the following clubs and activities:

  • Giant Tails Support Group - Founder
  • Not A Lemur - President
  • Water Balloon Hate Club - Member
  • 13th Century Economics and Culture - Treasurer
  • Ringtail Roundtable Poetry Group - Member


Amplitude fursuit by Mango Island Creations

Amplitude's Fursuit was created by Mango Island Creations in 2010 and made it's debut at FA: United 3. The fursuit is known for it's giant, bouncy tail, which the fursuiter has very little control over but people seem to enjoy being whacked with anyway. The performer will not enter the suit in Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas because he already feels like enough of a winner without winning that competition hands-down. [citation needed] Like many things, he is larger in person, well over 6 feet tall if you measure from his ears.


Amplitude has been brought to every convention his performer has attended since it's creation. The suiter visits the following cons annually:


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