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Logo of the main conservative American party (the GOP, or Grand Old Party).

American conservatism is a political and social philosophy.


Stew Peters laying down the blame of the Buffalo massacre on furries
Kandiss Taylor's Twitter post about furries (#11)
Reuters news and Furscience fact checks extremist conservative propaganda
American conservative Dan Proft's fake newspaper/tabloid, the Chicago City Wire, and furries in local Chicago schools

Conservatism characteristically prioritizes American traditions, republicanism, classical liberalism, and limited federal governmental power in relation to the states, referred to more simply as "limited government" and "states' rights". Conservative and Christian media organizations along with American conservative figures are influential, and American conservatism is one of the majority political ideologies within the Republican Party.

On social issues, American conservatism typically supports Christian values, moral absolutism, traditional family values, and individualism, while opposing abortion and same-sex marriage.

On economic issues it is generally pro-capitalism and pro-business while opposing trade unions. On national issues it often advocates a strong national defense, gun rights, free trade, and a defense of Western culture from perceived threats posed by communism and moral relativism.

Conservatives are substantially more likely than moderates and liberals to distrust science, particularly medical science, climate science, and evolution (on this last one defering to Creationism).


Although conservatism has much older roots in American history, the modern movement began to gel in the mid–1930s, when intellectuals and politicians collaborated with businessmen to oppose the liberalism of the New Deal, led by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, newly energized labor unions and big-city Democratic machines.

After World War II, that coalition gained strength from new philosophers and writers who developed an intellectual rationale for conservatism, further ratified by Richard Nixon's 1968 United States presidential election win, the Vietnam War loss, and President Ronald Reagan rejuvenation of the conservative Republican ideology, with tax cuts, greatly increased defense spending, deregulation, a policy of rolling back communism, a greatly strengthened military and appeals to family values and conservative Judeo-Christian morality (also known as the Reagan Era).

Americam conservatism and furry[edit]

The fandom[edit]

Based on studies/surveys taken online or at furry conventions,[citation needed] plus personal confirmation of their political leanings, there is a well documented contingency of conservative furries within the furry fandom itself, which includes some notable people such as Scott Ruggels, Ralph Hayes, Jr., Grubbs Grizzly, Alex Spastic, Cigarskunk, etc.


Although mainstream US conservatism and the fandom have had, at most, no direct interactions in the past, most of it has been satirical and/or comical in nature (see: The Rush Limbaugh Show), but at the beginning of 2022, some conservatives parental rights advocates started to target furries in general based on the unfounded allegations that American school's educators were giving special treatment to furry students, which conservative viewed as further proof on indoctrination of the political left on their children.[1]

Even though all allegations were dismissed by these school principals, the "claims" continued on in the first half of 2022, getting more ridiculous by the post:

American conservatism
Cafeteria tables are being lowered in certain @RoundRockISD middle and high schools to allow 'furries' to more easily eat without utensils or their hands (ie, like a dog eats from a bowl). Post by Michelle Evans
American conservatism

...To the point that some extremist conservative influencers, commentators, and politicians[2] were blaming furries on all the ills of society,[3] such as holding them accountable for the 2022 Buffalo supermarket shooting:[4]

American conservatism
The Feds knew about the NY shooter, who was a mentally-disturbed 'furry', and they let it happen. They WANTED it to happen. - post by conservative political commentator Stew Peters
American conservatism
American conservatism
The gun didn't do it. A "white supremacist" didn't do it. A sick and demented furry did it. When Kandiss Taylor is elected governor, GA will be furry-free. - post by conservative political commentator Stew Peters
American conservatism
American conservatism
It turns out that the Buffalo shooter yesterday was a furry. In my list of executive orders, I explicitly addressed and received blowback for tackling the perversions of the furry culture. Twisting the minds of Generation Z MUST END! - post by former candidate for the Governorship of Georgia, Kandiss Taylor
American conservatism

Final solution[edit]

American extremist conservative Republican and pastor Mark Burns (who was running for the 2022 Congress in South Carolina but lost), had a more extreme solution towards 2SLGBTQIA+ youth supporters, parents, and (furry-loving) teachers:

After terminating (and jailing) Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, the supporting parents of 2SLGBTQIA+ youths, as well as:

American conservatism
Any teacher that is teaching LGBT, transgenderism, furries, the groomers, any sexual orientation communication in the school system should be immediately terminated but [teachers should also] be held (in prison) for abusing young children.
American conservatism

He would then bring back the House Un-American Activities Committee (HCUA, popularly known as the House Un-American Activities Committee [HUAC]), and prosecute any the people above mentioned because:

American conservatism
We need to hold people for treason, (...) and start executing people who are found guilty for their treasonous acts against the Constitution of the United States of America, just like they did back in 1776.[5]
American conservatism


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