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American Dad! is a satirical American animated series produced by Underdog Productions and television producer Seth MacFarlane's Fuzzy Door Productions for 20th Century Fox Television.

Anthropomorphic animal characters[edit]

There are several appearances by anthropomorphic animals in American Dad!, including:

Klaus Heisler[edit]


Klaus Heisler is a goldfish.[1] He was originally a (human) East German Olympic ski-jumper until his brainwaves were switched by the CIA to prevent him from winning a gold medal at the 1986 (sic) Winter Olympics. He now lives in a goldfish bowl in the Smith household and is a regular character in the series.

Reginald Koala[edit]

Reginald is a koala.[2] He was originally a homeless man who, like Klaus, had his mind swapped with an animal's in a CIA experiment. As a koala, Reginald now works for the CIA, relying on his cuteness to infiltrate various agencies.

American Dad! and furry[edit]

One Little Word[edit]

Stan and Bullock at a furry convention

The third episode of the fourth season, "One Little Word", included a short scene set within a furry convention. The spot involves the show's lead character, Stan, and his boss, Bullock, and is within a larger scene involving Bullock's attempt to pick up a girl.

The pair start out at a regular nightclub, but after failing to find anything but tall, beautiful white women they proceed to hanging out in a Goth bar, participating in a line dance in a barn, playing spin the bottle with a group of teens, and at a furry convention.

In each case, they are shown wearing the appropriate clothing; at the convention, this is naturally a fursuit.

After their conversation, a squirrel fursuiter shows up and appears to proposition Bullock for sex. On being turned down, he turns away.

In what appears to be a reference to roadkill, a carsuiter (also with a male voice) appears and bumps into the squirrel, knocking him to the floor. The carsuiter proceeds to hump against the squirrel, apparently to their mutual enjoyment.

The car reappears at the end of the episode, humping the unconscious body of the show's space alien, Roger. He is revealed to be Dick, a member of Bullock's CIA staff.


American Dad!
Stan: Helping you pick up girls? That's our dangerous mission? -- Bullock: It is tonight, Number One. Now keep your eye out for the rarest of birds: the plump Asian skank.
American Dad!
American Dad!
Carsuiter: Vroom. Vroom. *humps* -- Squirrel fursuiter: Oh yeah. I'm a squirrel, and that feels greeeaaatt.
American Dad!


The clip was positively received within the fandom as a good case of humor not taken-too-far in nature.

  • Social-network MyFursona temporarily changed it's banner image to read MyCarsona, featuring an image of the car-suiter from the episode.

The Missing Kink[edit]

Furries in "The Missing Kink".

Episode 15 of series 9, entitled "The Missing Kink", revolves around Stan's wife Francine developing a spanking fetish (much to the horror of prudish Stan). Space-alien Roger takes Stan to a sex dungeon (apparently hidden beneath Stan's house), and tries to help him become more comfortable with the idea of sexual kinks with a musical number. The song, "He's Got A Kink", ends with the lines:[3]

American Dad!
Ray: So if you like us old

Al Tuttle: Or fat
Reginald: ...or furry
Avery Bullock: You won't be judged, we're not a jury
Roger: Cause way down deep inside we've all got kinks!
All: We've got a kink! We've got a kink! We've got a kink! We've got a kink!
Stan: Cause way down deep inside I've got a kink!

American Dad!

During the mention of "furry", a furpile is depicted featuring Reginald Koala and a number of fursuiters. One of them - a purple bear - takes off his head to reveal he is Stan's boss, Bullock.

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