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Mayu (born August 19) is the alias and character of an artist who is located in the Netherlands.

Mayu the character[edit]


Mayu the character is a happy but mysterious girl, a child at heart. Her age switches from time to time, depending on her mood. The bell around her neck gives her the power.

Mayu is the good emotion of Amelinda; she split her other half in order to continue a happy life. This has some nasty side effects: Mayu doesn't remember her past at all.

There is one thing that Mayu and Amelinda do have in common: they both want to do things their way!

Mayu is always drawing, or creating fun out of the things laying around, along with trying to entertain others and putting smiles on other furries' faces. She is also stubborn, and very curious.

Amelinda - Mayu's opposite[edit]


Amelinda is the bad emotion of Mayu; she isn't evil, horrible or really mean either. But when you have to deal with all the bad memories of someone else, just so that the other person can live a happy life, you can get a tad bitter.

Amelinda doesn't appear to care, and hardly shows any intimate emotions. Maybe she just pretends she doesn't care. All in all, Mayu and Amelinda do meet. Because Mayu is such a child, Amelinda cares for her like she's her annoying little sister. But when Ame looses herself, Mayu backs her up. They are Yin and Yang.

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