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Ambrose Wolfe (August 19th, 1983), is a writer from USA. His most well-known anthropomorphic character is a Cyrillian (half-wolf, half-husky), named Ambrose.


Ambrose is a former contributor to the furry fandom who's mostly known for writing the science-fiction series The Day After, and later on, the multi-episode Avalon Chronicles saga during the early 2000's. Ambrose's stories often had a more serious tone than what would be expected from someone who was once considered to be a part of the furry fandom, as they combined action, adventure, romance, and suspense, along with more mature themes that were featured within a highly-futuristic and science-fiction inspired setting.


While his popularity peaked back in the mid-2000's, his reputation within the community took a hit after making controversial statements about the fandom.[citation needed] Initially upset that his two series were being classified as "furry fiction," Ambrose decided to state that just because half of the cast was anthropomorphic didn't mean he supported (more specifically, stating that he didn't support the questionable behavior of the fandom, when it came to how they treated others within their own community, as well as those outside their fandom) or represented the fandom at all with his stories.

These comments led to some outrage from members of the community[who?], including some who responded to his remarks with personal insults and threats that were posted on his and accounts, as well as his personal blog.[citation needed] After dealing with the backlash from the statements he had made, Ambrose removed all of the material from the different websites that had hosted his work, and left the community for good.

Since then he has mostly kept a low profile online, occasionally posting on his journal, and being known to compete in a variety of offline and online gaming tournaments. Including being the founder and commissioner of an online football league, which has operated since the early 2000's.

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