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Amber M. Williams (née Panyko; born August 19, 1982) is an American artist and writer, most known for their Censorship Pandas and the webcomic Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures.[1][2] They often go by the name Miss Mab, after their fursona on Furcadia, and the nickname Ambaaargh. They graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in August 2005.[3] Their interests include Iron Chef, LazyTown and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They currently live in Canada. On October 22, 2006, Amber married Mason "Tailsteak" Williams, a cartoonist and the author of the website[4]

Amber was a guest of honor at FA: United 6 (2013).[5]

Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures[edit]

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures (DMFA) began in 1998, when Amber promised a shrine of sorts to anyone on Furcadia who could find a particular song for them.[6] When a friend who went by the name of Daniel Ti'Fiona found the song in question, Amber made good on their promise and created the shrine. As a joke, they added a sign proclaiming "Coming soon: the Misadventures of Daniel Ti'Fiona, the comic!" However, Daniel took this seriously and continually prodded them to actually start the comic until they finally gave in.[6] The first comic was posted on the website in 1999.[7][6]

Initially featuring Daniel and Miss Mab, the cast of the comic soon expanded, including both friends of Amber's on Furcadia and characters of their own creation. Later on in 1999, the comic fell into a hiatus for about a year. Amber resumed comic production in 2000, and the comic has been updating steadily ever since. Besides the main story line DMFA features "Questions of the readers" strips, in which Mrs. Williams clarifies frequently asked questions about the DMFA universe and the webcomic's making. DMFA is hosted by, accompanied by its own readers' forum.[2][8] It was co-hosted on The Katbox from 2013 through 2019.

Other projects[edit]

Amber occasionally creates art for their brother Darkmoon's site, The Inverted Dungeon, as well as comics for the webcomic they co-created, CVRPG. In addition, they have taken to "chibifying" the cast of the webcomic Jack and many members of its forum.[9]


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