Amat Victoria Curam

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Amat Victoria Curam is a novel written by Joan Høj Jacobsen, published by Raccoon's Bookshelf Press in 2009 (506pp.; ISBN 978-0-977-18678-5). The cover art was by Philip J. Eggerding and Malcolm Earle, and the interior art was by Niki Hunter.

The back cover blurb reads as follows:

Amat Victoria Curam
The year is 40 A.D. Quintus Virginus, the fifth and youngest son of a Roman senator, is used to the good life. Spending his days either getting profusely drunk or preparing for a military career, his greatest cause for worry is whether the household slaves remember to bring him clean water to wash in every morning.

With a brother already a Centurion in the Legions, and a father who is getting tired of his youngest son's antics, Quintus is excited at the possibility of a military command. To him, it's all going to be great fun ... so long as it involves fighting foes who have the decency to lose.

Quintus has no idea what's coming to him.

Amat Victoria Curam

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