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Amy Pronovost (born 1975) is a freelance cartoonist. Her website, Flying Armadillo Productions, is her online portfolio, with animal characters, Star Wars fan art, and other images. Amy lives in British Columbia, Canada. She has some Australian background as well.

Amy's personal character is Amara Fox, an orange vixen with some cream coloured secondary fur and dark ears. Amara has an earring on one ear. There is also Fox-Shark (who could be Amara's alter-ego). She is a similar vixen who wears a shark back-fin, and has a serious appetite. As with all of Amy's characters, they can be super-silly.

Aside from Amara Fox, she designed the Amarans, a vulpine species that became part of the Star Wars canon.

Amy is a frequent participant at the C-ACE convention, and she has also attended Anthrocon and general comic book conventions. She was a guest of honour for Wild Prairie Fur Con 2018.

Amy does not identify herself as a "furry", but enjoys drawing cartoon critters nonetheless.

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