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Amanda Lillianne Drasciir, or Amanda for short, is the pseudonym of a moderator and co-developer at Eka's Chat. She has also been known as Amanda Lexmark and Succubus Amanda[1].

Detailed page[edit]

All facts about Amanda can be read on her personal homepage. It's not work-safe though.


Amanda appears most of the time as a seductive blonde succubus with pitch-black bat wings, a long black spaded devil tail and almost hypnotic crystal-blue eyes. In various situations she either appears naked, typically for a succubus, or dressed in a black leather bikini. It is unsure if Amanda is actually a born succubus or a individually created demoness, since she has a mother, but there is no hint on her ever having had a father figure.

Amanda usually lives in a large cave system hidden behind a large waterfall, the main entrance unreachable for wingless beings. From that high position in the mountains, she usually goes hunting in the night, seeing the close dense forest (also known as main scenery for Eka's Chat) as her territory. Amanda is mostly known to be a highly voraphilic being, she prefers not only living, but only hightly intelligent prey such as mages. Apart from various style of feeding this way, she has also been seen often to feed the succubine way, via sexual draining, mainly by touching her prey with her breasts.

While being a creature from the dark lands, she is not necessarily evil. Amanda is mostly seen as a very lively girl, who mixes good and evil deeds matching her mood.

While Amanda has been with Eka's Chat almost from its beginnings, the character has even older roots. Over the years, Amanda has gained a lot of popularity on that site.


During her early time at Eka's Chat, Amanda had been linked to the cherub angel BradRepko, until his player began having problems with the site owner. For some years till the present tense, she is in love with the forest elf Ria Amakiir, who lives with the blonde demoness in her cave. Amanda has a strong bond of friendship to another demoness named Kailindrea, and features a lot of more or less complex relationships with various characters on the chat. Amanda has various slaves and servants of all kind, but is known to treat them both with dominance and protective care.

Alternative timelines[edit]

  • In an alternative timeline mostly featured on instant messenger sessions, Amanda rescues a wingless Angelissa and afterwards lives in a floating crystal tower with her. She mostly spends her time with good deeds and hunting rapists.
  • Amanda's past is filled with more than one time paradoxon assuring her existence. They seem to be caused by someone she calls a future existence of herself, who seems to play an important part in maintaining the space-time continuum.
  • Amanda has a dark twin with brown hair, who is the complete antithesis to the lively and friendly succubus, an evil and heartless bitch. Her current status is unclear though.


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