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Amanda is a baby otter plush toy brought to life by the imagination of Oren Otter. She exists in the form of a real-life home-made plush toy, and she is also the star of her own webcomic (currently on hiatus).

The character[edit]

Amanda first appeared in the comic strip The Changing Workplace as a supporting character. She was built by Oren, who wanted a daughter, and mysteriously came to life using a reference to Pinocchio, a classic tale of another well-known toy come to life; her father warns her not to use it openly, as Disney's lawyers might be hanging about. She has made regular appearances in TCW as well as cameos in other comics by Oren, not to mention her own comic.

In the Otter Island universe, Amanda is also Oren's daughter, but there she is also a telepath. Her origins in this paradigm have not been fully disclosed.

The comic[edit]

Amanda the comic strip was created by Oren's nephew Xan and has subsequently been drawn by Oren. It features plush toy characters of various shapes and sizes and typically involves references and parodies concerning pop culture, such as the "Plushie Teen Dinner Squad".

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