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Author(s) Flux Capacitor
Update schedule Daily
Launch date August 1, 2012
End Date Continuing
Genre Humour, Pun, Wordplay

Amalgam is a single-panel comic series by Flux Capacitor. Started on August 1, 2012, it is published daily.

The style of the comic is somewhat abstract where the panel frame bleeds into the actual panel to form the characters and the odd and even number comics swap back and forth between the border and panel colours, The comic itself is always black and white with only the occasional variation from this style in some of the bonus comics that are aside from the main series.

The comic is currently 'On Hold' Due to PC and Time issues.


Amalgam has several different guises, the earlier comics were somewhat sequential and had a series of puns that followed a basic theme that was somewhat storyline based though it's content has changed to be more one shot word play puns or observational humour in the later to current comics.

Other comics in the series are the 'Quotation' panels where the creator makes a reference to various people who have in some way influenced them over the years, and the 'Obituary' panels where they pay respects to a person of influence or other historic importance after their death. Both of these types always picture Flux either in the bottom left or over the head shots, Axiom is never used in these comics.



  • First appearance: August 1, 2012
  • Species: Crux

Flux has a slightly warped sense of reality but more intelligent than they may outwardly seem. Flux always appears on the base of the comic panel usually in the bottom left corner, except for the few comics where the viewer is behind them looking over the top of their head between the ears and some early panels where they are in the opposite corner


  • First appearance: August 1, 2012
  • Species: Dingbat (a bat crossbreed)

Axiom is the more grounded in reality of the pair. Axiom usually appears on the top of the frame, on some earlier comics he has appeared on the base usually opposite Flux.

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