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Amadeus Chaffe

Amadeus Chaffe (born January 4, 1998), is a Mexican furry musician and composer, born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Amadeus discovered the furry fandom by accident in 2015 when he discovered the Facebook profile of his oldest furry friend. Amadeus felt in love with some of the furry drawings displayed in friend profile (Normally about furries holding homosexual affection), but didn't have the courage to join the furry fandom at that time because of fear of not fitting in the fandom or being prejudged by non-furry people.

Amadeus eventually changed his mind and joined the furry community on June 13, 2019, as an effort to make more friends. Amadeus claims it is one of the best decisions he's taken in his life. Since December 2019 Amadeus has dedicated to create diverse furry content like memes or dynamics,[citation needed] mainly for the Facebook pages Cosas Furry and Furretry Posting.[citation needed]

Amadeus is also known for being an administrator of the Latin American Facebook furry pages like Cosas Furry, Furretry Posting, and FurryTrash.[citation needed]


Amadeus's fursona is a raccoon.

Music Career[edit]

Not A Disgrace (EP Cover)

On April 25, 2020, Amadeus released his first EP Not A Disgrace which features four original songs composed by him (Travel In Time, Bedroom At Night, Not A Disgrace, Journey) Amadeus is expected to continue his music career as a furry musician only.


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