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Author(s) Casey Young
Update schedule Mondays and Thursdays
Launch date November, 2001
End Date Ongoing
Genre  ?
Censor PG button.png

Altermeta is an online comic about the lives of a group of humanoid dragons called Kuvrahks.

Due to personal reasons, all the prior comics were scrapped in favor of an entirely new plot which was revealed on January 30th, 2008. Altermeta is also known for its active community and rich backstory. It is written by Casey Young.

On June 8th, 2009, Altermeta returned again after a significant hiatus. The new comics are less story based than previous versions, but seem to follow the first incarnation of the comic. Much of the later comics are planned to focus on sewing together a lot of (well all of) the unfinished previous story arcs, and then progress into actual story and plot intermingled with random "quickie" comics.


Altermeta is about a world called Cavris seen through the eyes of several teenage outcasts in the town of Star Rock Falls. It's a slice of life webcomic that follows the day to day adventures of a group of unlikely friends as they stave off the boredom of small town life.

And fight ninjas.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The first storyline involved the lives of everyday teenage Kuvrahks on their average day. Later on in the series, a element of mystery was added via a shower loofah which talked only to Sasha, one of the main characters. Sasha, in order to cure him of this pest, took him to the local Rennaisance fair to visit a friend's aunt who knew of such objects.

The second storyline, though just in its earliest stages, takes place further in the past. The introduction hints at a possible plot centering around a group of Kuvrahks working to defeat the return of the Dragon to Csyleus. However, the only even in the main plot so far is the arrest of Sasha, so most of the plot ideas are speculation at this point.

The third storyline is the same as the first, only 2 years in the future.


  • D'shea - brown-skinned student who has a deep-seated crush on Sasha.
  • Rutherford "Ruth" - a snarky, cynical classmate who largely depends upon his coffee, which he always has in his hand.
  • Sasha Alexain - Main character. A young male dragon in high school. In the first storyline, he hears voices from his loofah.
  • Josephine "Jo" Bean - ditzy, energetic teenage girl.
  • CC
  • Tabitha "T-Square" - tsundere geek girl
  • Boo - white-colored girl.
  • Rhi
  • Didier "Otter"