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The Altani are a species of alien vulpines from the Other Suns science fiction role-playing game.


Altani physically resemble humanoid foxes, with digitigrade leg articulation. They are slightly shorter than humans, carnivorous, and telepathic. They are naturally monogamous, pairbonding for life. Females are dominant in their society; family names are matrilineal. Altani are as a rule very serious-minded, favoring duty and conservatism over individualism and leisure.


"Old Race" Altani evolved naturally on a planet named Han and developed fusion power and spaceflight thousands of years before humankind. The telepathic "New Race" Altani were created through genetic manipulation and exterminated the Old Race in a genocidal civil war. Generation ship refugees from this war are the ancestors of the L'Drey race.

The New Race Altani developed FTL spaceflight and came into the contact with the Korli, Uquoi, and H'Reli. After an initial period of warfare with the new races, half a millennium of relative peace ensues, finally broken by civil war against the Han government. The victorious rebels, along with the Korli and Uquoi colonies, form the L'Doran Hegemony.

Although the modern Hegemony is more cosmopolitan, Altani were dominant during its early history and remain proud of the fact. The L'Doran Universal language which serves as a common tongue within the Hegemony was originally an Altani language.

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