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alt.horror.werewolves, also known as AHWW, is a Usenet discussion group created on November 16, 1992, and is dedicated to the discussion of therianthropy - especially the lycanthropy (werewolf) subset, although any other kind of non-human [[anim form shapeshifting talk and ideas are welcomed.

AHWW meets[edit]

Public meets of AHWW are called "Howls", with the first initial gathering ("Harvest Howl") taking place in Ohio, USA, in 1994[1]. A great deal of therianthropes overlap their interest within the boundaries of furrydom, to the point that, to outside viewers of the genres, it may be one and the same fandom to them.


  1. References to both the 1994 Harvest Howl, organized by Smash Greywolf in Ohio, USA, and the Spring Thaw Howl in 1995 Retrieved August 12th, 2011

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