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Alshline, as drawn by Sparkynekomi

Alshline, real name Ryan, is a fursuiter who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[1]

Alshline has been interested in Furry since 2011, after spending many years being active in the cosplay and anime communities. His fursona is a Cross Fox,[2] and his fursuit character, Saaz, is a Saber Cat.[3]

Conventions and meets[edit]

Alshline's first convention experience was Tekkoshocon 2003, and has attended over 22 non-furry conventions and 7 furry conventions since, including:

Alshline can be found at many Pittsburgh Furmeets.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Alshline is pursuing his bachelors degree in Computer Technology Information Security. As of April, 2013, he holds three computer certifications including CompTIA Security +, CIW Databases specialist and CIW Web Design specialist.

He likes home brewing beer, cars, gaming and anything steam-punk.[1]


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