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Alphawolf Kiba, also known as 狼王白牙 in Chinese, is a furry from Taiwan.

Alphawolf Kiba is the founder and administrator of the Wolves' Paradise web community, and solely covers the site's hosting fee. His fan name is to highlight the administrator responsibilities of the Wolves' Paradise, whichever means "the leader of the wolves pack". He is also an editor of the Open Directory.[1]

Kiba and his wolf pack


Alphawolf Kiba's fursona is an arctic wolf with white fur and yellow eyes, who was a lone wolf searching for a paradise. At Wolves' Paradise he became the leader of his own wolf pack.

He shares plenty of personalities with another Kiba in an anime named Wolf's Rain; they both put their whole heart on searching the "Paradise", both rely on their own strength, both unwilling to give up their aims, lonely and tirelessly. But his fursona has the longer, thicker fur around the neck, the chest, and muscular.[2]


Alphawolf Kiba is a therian who believes that there's a wolf spirit within, despite having a human shell. He somewhat accepts the concept of reincarnation. He believes that there must be a reason for being born with a human form, such as taking actions which save his compatriot animals. He has not changed his beliefs since he became a furry around 1989.

Fandom activities[edit]

Building Wolves' Paradise community[edit]

Alphawolf Kiba spends most of the time managing and optimizing system performance for Wolves’ Paradise community. As the system administrator as well as web hosting provider, Kiba not only keeps the system functional, but also serves as Board Moderator to monitor the quality of posts.

Community development vision[edit]

Alphawolf Kiba wishes everyone happy everyday, and make this website feel like home. The vision is to unite, observe, and learn from other enthusiastic websites with different mission and belief so as to grow with those web fanciers together.

Website spiritual features[edit]

Since late 2008, webmaster Alphawolf Kiba was unable to participate in web operation as frequent as he used to be due to a change of actual working conditions; such a change really impacts his time and efforts on web management. In mid 2010, webmaster Kiba has been staring to hand over and pass on his work as it was difficult for him to keep a balance between real life and cyber life due to the reality.

Among those logos submitted from artists directly or commissioned by webmaster himself, the majority are those with obvious features related to the role of webmaster. Even if webmaster Alphawolf Kiba has been getting less involved, it’s his contributions in particular made during the pioneer phase that make him still to be the spiritual web leader. Alphawolf Kiba therefore nicknames himself as the “mascot” of the community.

Supporting WikiFur[edit]

Alphawolf Kiba participated in WikiFur Chinese version as a curator in June 2011. At the same time, he supported WikiFur's advertising on several countries.[3]

Real life[edit]

Alphawolf Kiba graduated from Chinese Culture University with a major in Geography. He worked for the National Science Council as a research assistant for an air quality improvement project, and has also learned to be an airplane maintenance technician, but now works for the IT department of a financial service provider after his self-studying for acquiring relevant knowledge.


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