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ExileWolf (real name Allan Licona; born December 20, 1998) is an UTAU music composer who lives on Honduras, Central America.

Exile's fursona is a crux named Chen. He also has a UTAUloid named Exile Waf, who is a grey wolf. As his UTAUloid is more well-known than his fursona, he is mostly known on the fandom as Exile or ExileWolf.

Exile Waf[edit]

Exile Waf is Allan's UTAUloid. As said on the UTAU Wiki, Exile Waf is a grey wolf with white fur patterns, green eyes, and green ears with blue on the tip. Exile Waf is nominated on the UTAU Wiki as one of the most visited FURloids (Furry UTAUloids). His voice is mostly known for being deep, even though the voice provider is 13 years old. For that fact, Exile Waf's bio says that he's 16 year old (3 years older than Allan). Exile has won popularity among Twitter and some in NicoNicoDouga. Currently, Exile Waf only sings in Japanese, but it was already announced by Allan that he's working on a Spanish and Japanese voicebank of Exile Waf, and that there's possibilities of a VCV (triphonic) and English voicebanks.

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