All The Rage in the US

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All The Rage in the US was an article which appeared in the series 'Of All Things' from FT Weekend Magazine (a supplement found inside the Financial Times, a major UK-based business newspaper). It was written by Jennifer Fried and was included in the August 20, 2005 edition. Fried presents a brief overview of Anthrocon 2005, as well as discussing furry fandom in more general terms:

All The Rage in the US
...A joke? A mental illness? No and no. Furry fandom is an identity, a lifestyle, and one that appears to be growing in popularity.[1]
All The Rage in the US

Simo, who quotes the entirety of the article in a piece of his own, believes the existence of this article is of particular importance due to the high reputation of the Financial Times amongst the business community.[2]


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