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The All Species Wrestling League (ASWL) is a community for wrestling role-play in a setting modeled on real-world professional wrestling franchises such as the ECW and TNA. It is message board/instant messenger-based, free-form, dice-less gaming, meant for intermediate to advanced role-players, and is home to characters of all kinds including furries, played by imaginative cyber-fighters who enjoy exploring new horizons.

The ASWL promotes fantasy professional-style wrestling matches with a few quality glamour events on the side to spice things up. The goal is to have fun, build friendships, and to advance the sport of cyber-fighting by opening up new frontiers.

ASWL and furry[edit]

Although the majority of the membership are "human" cyber-wrestlers, there are also vampires, succubi, superheroines, elves, androids, and various other exotics, including a notable furry contingent. The ASWL also supports furry artists the same way the old Furry Fight Farm Yahoo! group used to do. Members of the ASWL refer to their community as their "tribe".

Distinction from E-Fed[edit]

The ASWL is distinct from other forms of E-Fed, or fantasy wrestling roleplay (which can be said to resemble fanfic), because it does not follow the characters and events of established, real-world wrestling federations as closely.

Moreover, ASWL members describe their cyber-wrestling as a true sport. The best description of which can be found by in the How-to Cyber-fight Instructional Guide (Second Edition) written by Jenny B. Sweet:

"Cyber-fighting, in all its many varied forms, differs from real life fighting only in that you and your opponent are battling over a computer and not face to face. Therefore, you must use both your imagination as well as your knowledge of fighting methodology, in addition to maintaining constant attention to the progress of the match, in order to fight realistically and effectively. Whether fighting privately, as is most common, or publicly in a chat room with friends in attendance watching you perform, you must follow some simple rules to make the whole experience more enjoyable for all involved, as well as make the fight itself more realistic."


The ASWL is a traveling troupe of Professional wrestlers that travels by road from state to state performing at county fairs and arenas all over North America.

Talent Roster[edit]

(A partial list of some of the more active members)

  • Dark Plush (official referee)
  • Valerie "The Black Rose" Moretti
  • "The Queen of Hearts" Miss Kat
  • Jenny B. Sweet (the author of the "How to Cyber-Fight Instructional Guide")
  • The "Immortal" Bridget Harker
  • Miss Bitsyspider
  • Sasexamiel the Succubi
  • Giles F. Ahrun
  • Nayara Gariard
  • Diane Parker
  • Summer Dream
  • Amanda X
  • Queen B
  • "Amazing" Amy Mouse
  • Amione "Exotica" Halifax

Current Champions[edit]

  • North American Champion: The "Immortal" Bridget Harker
  • Television Title Champion: Giles F. Ahrun
  • Hardcore Champion: Miss Bitsyspider
  • Tag Team Champions: The Vendetta Vixens
  • Gypsy Catfighting Queen Crown: Valerie "The Black Rose" Moretti


"We're going to make something explode!"

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