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All Fur Fun 2010 was announced after All Fur Fun 2009 with the statement "we shall be returning to the Mirabeau hotel next year in the last two weekends of April", was cancelled.[1]

In late December 2009, All Fur Fun chair Moorcat had posted to the forum:

All Fur Fun 2010
if we complete negotiations soon, we will be in a smaller hotel, so there will be no dedicated dealers room, but we will have a floor for dealers to sell out of their rooms. dances...YES lecture panels...yes lots of fun things for everyone to join in on...YES

this is a last effort to have a convention for 2010.[2]

All Fur Fun 2010

Announced on the website two months later:

All Fur Fun 2010
Feb 22...there will be no convention for 2010, a good deal of drama among staff, missed meetings ect and the biggest reason, no non profit license yet, prevent us from having a con this year, so, I will be taking a break, and regrouping for 2011s con.[1]
All Fur Fun 2010


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