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All Fur Fun 2007 was the first run of the All Fur Fun convention. It was held from Friday March 30 to Sunday April 1, 2007 at the Ridpath Hotel in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. It was the first convention to be held in the state since Conifur Northwest 2005.

Attendance and registration[edit]

Registered attendance for the first All Fur Fun cost $30 before March 1, and $40 afterwards, with sponsorship levels of $100 and $250 beyond that. Hotel rates were $60 for up to 4 occupants, $10 for each additional person.

95 people pre-registered, and 84 of these attended. The total attendance for 2007 was 110, with 26 people registering at the door.[1] Blind Pig author Phil Geusz called it the "best of both worlds", being both intimate and professionally run.[2]

Features included a dealers den, an art show and voice auction, several crafting and fursuiting events, a fursuit parade, a dance, and an ice cream social.


The following panels and events took place at the 2007 convention:

  • Make and Take Crafts: Working With and Painting Clay
  • Fursuit Head and Body Building
  • Packs, Prides and Leaps: Alternative Relationships and Lifestyles (hosted by Purr Meow)
  • What Does Furry Mean to You? (Roundtable philosophical discussion)
  • Whose Fur Is It Anyway? (Furry-themed improv comedy)
  • Exquisite Corpse Reading by KieferSkunk[3]
  • Writing Panel with Phil Geusz
  • Visit by the Wolf People of Sandpoint, Idaho, with a live wolf
  • Meet the Guest of Honor: Katie Hofgard (aka. Wolf Nymph and Shadow Wolf)
  • Art Techniques Panel
  • Feedback Session

A panel on Second Life had also been scheduled, but was cancelled because the panel's host, Haphaestes,[3] could not attend.


The All Fur Fun 2007 conbook is 32 pages at 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) tall by 7 inches (18 cm) wide, and is designed by the publications head, Electric Keet. The front and back covers are in color, the front with artwork by WolfNymph and the back with the All Fur Fun logo. The black and white interior of the conbook includes a message from the chairman, Moorcat; information about WolfNymph, the guest of honor, and about Wolf People; the All Fur Fun 2007 schedule, staff bios, and policy. Also included are three short stories: "Lke Mother Like Daughter, Like Father Like Son" by Will A. Sanborn, "Wolven by Night" by Belinda "Raven" D'Auteuil, and "Intervention" by Kristina Tracer. Interior artwork is by WolfNymph, Jim Johnson, Skychaser, SeaSenshi, ReDaDillio, Daniel Keller, and Asandria aka Monica Squires (misprinted as Barbara Squires).[4]


Official shirts for All Fur Fun 2007 were made available for ordering in May 2007.[5] The front of each shirt has the All Fur Fun logo, the back the same full-color illustration as on the front of the con book. The shirts are available in dark grey, light grey, and white, in both men's and women's styles.[6]



In February 2007, approximately a month before the start of its first convention, All Fur Fun received a donation from former Conifur Northwest staff, consisting of a large number of art-show panels, a registration desk, several boxes of supplies, miscellaneous computer and electronic equipment, and a box full of plushies. In return for the donation, Dan "Flinthoof" Canaan (former Conifur chairman) and James "Tibo" Birdsall (Conifur founder) were named as All Fur Fun sponsors.[7]

In addition, two more people, Bahumat (of the Edmonton Furry Cabal) and Zyzxx, sponsored the 2007 convention.


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