All Dogs Go to Heaven

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All Dogs Go To Heaven is an animated movie by MGM starring Charlie B. Barkin, a German Shepherd, and his dachshund friend, "Itchy" Itchiford (originally introduced as Itchiford "Itchy" Dachshund) as they attempt to get revenge on Charlie's old business partner, a bulldog named Carface, after the infamous Scarface, who framed him to put him in jail.

Carface has Charlie hit by a car, which kills him. In heaven, Charlie "rewinds" his stopwatch and is sent back to Earth, where he still wants revenge. So, he steals the human orphan, Carface was holding hostage in order to win rat races, because she could talk to animals. Promising to find the girl, named Ann-Marie, a family, they instead exploit her ability in the same way Carface did, betting money on the animal she was told by the other racers that would win. Eventually, however, Charlie ends up sacrificing his life to save Ann-Marie so that she could live with the family that found her.

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