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Alicia Rankin (nee Alicia Lundburg), is an artist and contributor to South Fur Lands who grew up in in California and New Mexico where she got her start. She has had a passion for drawing for a long time and started working on furry art in her late-teens. Some of her first drawings were done while attending high school at Santa Fe High, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During high school she had gained many friends. Previously, she and her former husband ran a website together, Robert doing all the site service, support and accounting and Alicia with the art.

She was the former head artist of the website, which before was updated weekly with new images she and other guest artists produced. Her artwork is focused upon a balance of all different types of anthro archetypes. Her style is a mix of all the founding art masters of the fandom: Ken Sample, Wolf Kidd, Terrie Smith, Michele Light, Steve Martin, Jeremy Bernal, Doug Winger, Max Blackrabbit and various others.

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