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Alicia E. Goranson is an award-winning novelist and an avid furvert. Her short stories have been published in the Anthrocon 2003 and 2004 conbooks.

Her first novel, Supervillainz is a winner of the 2004 Project QueerLit award,[1] as voted by a number of prominent authors,[2] such as Michelle Tea and Patrick Califia. It is an adventure story about an inner-city battle between a Scooby gang of twenty-somethings and a family of superheroes - the Hawk, the Lion and the Faceless, headed by the Wolf. A comic illustrated by Charles Snow introduces the Lion and the Wolf.

The War of the Foxes[edit]

The War of the Foxes is a novel by Alicia E. Goranson about a fictional incident within the American Furry fandom between two women - 23 year old Cheryl Montague (Kassandra) and 46 year old Elory Burke (Spiderweb). After Cheryl "acquires" a robotic tail from the MIT Media Center, and dresses it up as a red fox tail, she meets Elory Burke, who wore a tail herself in the sci-fi fandom of the early-to-mid 1980's. While Cheryl's life begins to fall apart after a nasty breakup with her girlfriend, her friends moving away from Boston, and increasing drama in her geeky circles, Elory's life has already collapsed due to various quarrels she has faced within the fetish, Pagan and lesbian communities. With the arrival of Cheryl, Elory sees a last chance to resurrect her fallen social status through other older burned-out women with ties to the Furry fandom.

While they are initially close friends, after a tragic event at the Furrificon convention, Elory loses all trust in Cheryl, and actively works against her to stop her from making the same mistakes with her friends. Cheryl asserts herself, believing much of Elory's plans to help the Furry fandom are misguided and will only cause more harm than good. They face off against each other, starting an event which the fandom will always refer to as The War of the Foxes.

It was the intent of this novel to record a snapshot of the Furry fandom for people whose only knowledge of Furry comes from popular media sources, such as MTV or Vanity Fair.


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