Alice Otter

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Alice Otter
Author(s) Miguel Estrugo
Update schedule Inactive
Launch date July 15, 2001
End Date May 23, 2011
Genre Humor

Alice Otter was a humorous webcomic drawn in English by Spanish cartoonist Miguel Estrugo, started in July 15, 2001. It narrated the antics of a young anthropomorphized river otter girl called Alice Otter and her friends, schoolmates and relatives.

The humor in Alice Otter was based in character interaction, with occasional doses of absurd humor and surrealism; in general it was light-hearted, cute and whimsical.

Most of the action of the comic occurred in the suburbs of the imaginary town of Liroland, located in New England. The comic was occasionally set, or mentions, real places around the world, like Honolulu, Moscow or Dakar.

The website listed 167 strips as of February 2011, but was unavailable as of March 2012.[1]

The Wayback Machine has a capture of the site when it was still online from December 23, 2011, showing the comic at strip 170 last updated on May 23, 2011.[2] That is the date the comic is considered ended, as Miguel Estrugo committed suicide and was found dead in his apartment on May 28, 2011.[3] The website eventually went offline, and there is no known complete archive of Alice Otter at this time. Some of the comics were posted on Miguel's "Artieroo" Fur Affinity account.


Alice Otter is an anthropomorphized otter girl, very enthusiastic, curious and friendly, and the star of the strip. Her curiosity, manipulative nature and natural leaning to mischief ocasionally causes her and the people around her some problems. She's also intelligent and a little precocious for a child her age, but most of her woes and worries are related to her social environment.

Garland Ferretti is Alice Otter's adoptive uncle and guardian (referred by Alice as Unclie Garland). He works as the director of the local newspaper's cultural supplement. Garland is a little stodgy, but also has a playful side, which Alice tries to unearth time after time to achieve her purposes. Being a ferret, he usually says, 'doooook' when he's startled, which is often. His car on the comic strip is a 1972 Fiat 127.

Ms. Sally Huskinson is a 30-something single husky woman and Alice Otter's math teacher, actively targeting Garland Ferretti to marry him so she can move out from her mother's house, to Alice Otter's despair. Despite her cute looks, she has a very bitter personality, but she tries to hide that fact when she is around Garland so she doesn't scare him away. She drives a 1980 Mazda 323.

Other characters in the strip were Libby, a female dog girl, Alice's schoolmate and friend, usually; Oliver Otter, a quiet otter boy who has a crush on Alice but is unable to tell her due to his shyness; Dan the Pony, an overly imaginative pony boy who befriends Alice during her trip to Hawaii, and Artie 'Roo, an adult, kangaroo friend of Alice and Garland, who usually sides with Alice when she confronts her uncle.


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