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Ahumeniy's avatar, a felino.

Alexei J. Humeniy, or Ahumeniy, is a mid-level technical accountant and an independent programmer. He was born on August 1, 1986 in the city of Antofagasta, Chile, where he still lives with his father and sisters.

Ahumeniy's first contact with the Spanish furry community was in 2003 at FurryManía. After a few months, he stopped involvement.

At the end of 2005, Ahumeniy returned to the Internet and got involved in the FurryLatino community, quickly becoming part of the technical staff. In March 2006, Ahumeniy became FurryLatino's administrator, but by April the position was taken over by Miguel Estrugo. Before being oficially a furry, in 1997, Ahumeniy created his first character, Antonio FlyCatand started writing a story called The FlyCat Project in August 2004, and finished it in January 2005.

Ahumeniy stopped his public furry activity since Nov 2006 only returning for a breif period while being part of the Furry Chile's staff and some talks to the press; However, he is still making some artworks for some furry friends.

Other projects[edit]

Ahumeniy was once working on an entirely Spanish virtual gallery based on Microsoft .NET technology, which he called GAIA.NET; this project was cancelled in July 2005. He later released GDN: GAIA.NET's database engine.

The CVAC logo

At the end of 2005, Ahumeniy made CatValley Asesorías Computacionales — also known as CatValley A.C. or simply CVAC — with a friend.

On May 30 2006, Ahumeniy bought the catvalley.cl domain.

On Jul 2006, Ahumeniy renamed GDN as AhMeBa (Ahumeniy's Meta Base); Later, on Nov 2006, Ahumeniy will release AhMeBa as an open-source project. However, AHumeniy is still the mayor contributor to the project

Until 2009, Ahumeniy was making software for some local companies, while he is still developing his Rincón de AHumeniy site and making improvements on the AhMeBa library.

On 2009, Ahumeniy gets involved on a local software company and currently works as a system engineer. Ahumeniy sold part of his rights above the AhMeBa library among other projects. AhMeBa returned to his origins and became again a content management system (CMS) branded AhMeBa Platform.

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