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AlexOtter drawn by Ankat
AlexOtter redirects here. This nickname is also used by Tipp.

Alexander Goldenpaw (also known as AlexOtter; born April 5th, 1981[1]) is a furry who lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. His fursona is a young short-clawed otter.

Alex is a lilfur, part of the babyfur sub-culture of the furry fandom. He usually idles on the #otters channel on FurNet (IRC), and plays on Second Life as Alex Riverview.

Brief History[edit]

Born in New Zealand and raised by only his mother (a closet furry who uses the opossum as her fursona, and introduced him to the fandom), he quickly grew to hate his country by his 15th birthday.

In 2006 he woke up and decided to shift to Sydney on just a whim. That same morning he had booked a ticket within thirty minutes of climbing out of bed, and was on the plane a week later.


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