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Alex Kovas (born 1976) is a Russian - British actor and male model in the fitness and fashion industries. He is 188 cm tall, and came to London in 2001. Alex is fluent in English and Russian.

Alex Kovas and furry[edit]

Alex Kovas gained notoriety within the furry fandom after a number of videos featuring Kovas were posted to his YouTube account. The videos depict Kovas posing in a combination of body paint and latex animal prosthetic masks. Make-up and costuming for the pieces are provided by a variety of people, including Beatriz Lopez, Sammm Agnew. Lauren Baker, Dean Rudd and NorthFur FX & Mascots.

He currently works for a British performance company called Humanimal, consisting of Kovas and a number of make-up artists, which books events for performances by Kovas.


His videos were featured on an episode of the "Bakademi Awards" comedy variety show on Fuji TV in Japan[1][2]. A video of Alex as a dalmatian was featured in the Community episode Environmental Science. Two members of Humanimal performed in an audition for Series 12 of Britain's Got Talent but the identity of the performers was unknown.[3]

Response by Kovas[edit]

In a January 2011 interview with, Kovas commented that he views himself as simply "a male who performs nude (almost!)" and that "so far I haven’t personally encountered anything more than people just admiring my physique or how good the make-up is." He also stated that he hadn't heard of furries until reading the reactions by furries to his videos on YouTube, but, while finding parallels between the fandom and his Humanimal modeling ("as much as we both try to portray some kind of animal"), he contrasted the perceived "fetish or a lifestyle" of the furry fandom against his profession as a "performance artist, who does it as a job, motivated by the creative and artistic aspects of the process"[4].



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