Alex A. Fawkes

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Alex A. Fawkes (pronounced FOU-kes) is the title character of the comic Alex A. Fawkes. She is a maned wolf. She is a sophomore in college in northeastern Illinois, where she lives with her friends Scaramouche and Anubis Fandango in a two-bedroom apartment.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Alex is an anthro maned wolf with permanently-tousled sable hair. She is quite tall and slim, and is constantly mistaken for a vixen. She carries a six-inch Bowie knife she calls "David" that she uses to fend off any unwanted romantic advances. She usually wears black flared jeans and a t-shirt with Freddie Mercury's picture or the words "Don't Stop Me Now" on it. Alex enjoys classic rock, especially David Bowie and Queen. She is somewhat perverted in her sense of humor, but otherwise is a very nice person. She is a music major, singing and playing the violin.


Alex's best friend is Scaramouche the wolf, but outside of their apartment, she has few others. She is quite attractive and has been in several nice romances, but those always end with something horrible happening to the guy (her latest boyfriend, a furniture psychic, dissolved when he sat on the sofa). She writes to her family once a month to give them details on her experiences at college, although she takes care not to mention that there is a male living in her apartment, seeing as they are both extremely protective of their only daughter.

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