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Albus Draconis is the fursona name of Terrakian Wintermoon, aka Miyenganishikwe Neesa, born in March of 1968. She appears as a white western dragon, with blue eyes and a long, silvery-white mane. Dragons have been a strong aspect of her life for at least the last twenty years, mostly from an artistic stand-point, though she's had an interest in creating dragon costumes for much of that time. She has only recently discovered that she might be considered a furry.

So far, she is only an online presence, having had no opportunities, as of yet, to attend any furry conventions or similar events. She can often be found posting entries to her LiveJournal and to the LiveJournal communities The Dragons and Gothic Furries.

Albus is an artist and clothing-designer, graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2004 and awarded a certificate in Apparel Design. She has worked in a wide range of media, including paint, silver wire, semi-precious stones, fabric and fibre, clay, and found objects. She has made prop weapons for LARP games, costumes in a variety of styles and time-periods, prosthetic fangs and latex facial-appliances. For a year, she volunteered at the Manitoba Museum as an illustrator for their archeology department- a book featuring works by her and others, alongside scholarly articles by eminent archeologists and anthropologists will be published sometime in 2008. Her art will be featured accompanying the articles about two burials found in Manitoba.

Miyenganishikwe has many hobbies, her favourites being costume design and gardening, at the moment. Her interests fluctuate a fair bit and can touch on everything from belly dancing and pow-wow dancing to jewelry design, erotic art, to writing fiction (mostly science fiction and dark fantasy.

She has been dubbed by the local fandom community as the "McGuyver of costume-design". Many have set her a challenge and she has usually met it with gusto. One convention, as part of a panel-discussion she was leading, she designed and fully-built a costume (with the assistance of the panelists, of course) in one day, then entering it in that convention's Masquerade- it didn't win any prizes, though it apparently was at least in the running.

She is also trying her hand at fiction-writing, with two science fiction novels in the works (one nearly completed) and a number of short stories in various stages of construction. As yet, she has only been published in a small-press magazine called The Minstrel (now defunct), where she published some poetry and artwork. She also did the art for several of their covers.

She is currently working on a web comic concept called Loveless; a comedy about her own love life with a dragon as one of the main characters, and another she has tentatively titled Cherry-blossom Dragon, an erotic romance set in medieval/mythological Japan (this one is still in the planning-stages).

Miyenganishikwe also collects the dragons she's so fascinated by- satisfying her hoarding instinct in at least that one small way. Her friends like to joke about Miyenganishikwe's hoard; her gold, the books, the fabric, her music and other, weirder stuff.

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