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Al on a postbox
Quartermane at the Bizarre Ball 2009

Albrecht (born November 14, 1982)[1] is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker who is based in Brighton, East Sussex, England.[1] He is a programmer working in engineering manufacture systems, and holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Sussex in Computer Science and Business.

Albrecht has a keen interest in costuming and design. Although he finds more joy in the making than the performing, he does perform from time to time. He has created several suits for himself and others, including Little Wolf and Syrus Scaleskin.[2]

Personal suits[edit]

Albrecht's personal fursuits include:

  • Mod Wolf, blue wolf influenced by the Mighty Boosh. Mod was Albrecht's first attempt at head making, using information gleaned from Lance Ikegawa's fursuit construction lectures at Eurofurence 13..
  • Quartermane, a blue steampunk tiger partial created for the Bizarre Ball in 2009, at which he and his girlfriend Pickle were performers. It features extensive leather work and props from brass, wood and aluminium created in collaboration with his brother and father in their workshop.
  • Southern Cross, a praying mantis.[3]


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