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Albany AnthroCon 1997 was the first Anthrocon, held 3-6 July, 1997, at the Omni Albany Hotel in Albany, New York.

The cover of the Albany AnthroCon 1997 conbook.

The convention was originally scheduled to be held at the Desmond Albany Hotel, closer to Albany International Airport; however, it was discovered in June 1997 that the convention's contact at the hotel -- who had, at that point, resigned to move out of state -- had not made the appropriate arrangements, and the hotel was not in a position to host the con. The convention was almost cancelled before hard work on the part of Chip Unicorn led to the move to the Omni.

The Guests of Honour for AAC 97 were Daphne Lage, Watts Martin, and David L. Pulver.

The convention drew 500 attendees in its first year, despite the hotel shift. Pre-registration before New Year's Day 1997 was a mere $15, with quad hotel rooms $75/night.

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