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Alaskan MUCK was a role-playing MUCK set in Nome, Alaska and the surrounding wilderness in the 1900s. The MUCK's full name was Larry's Land of a Thousand Snowflakes, but it was commonly referred to as "the Alaskan MUCK" or "the Alaska MUCK." It was created due to the wizards' fond memories of Yukon Trails and Crossroads MUCK, and includes some of the same characters.

Roleplayed characters included humans, dogs, wolfdogs, wolves, or other native species. There were no Feature Characters.



Wolf Packs[edit]

  • N'queum - Alpha Artemis
  • Ba'al - Alphas Helios and Sanuye

Sled Teams[edit]

  • Four Paws - Owner Anna
  • Lucky Clover - Owner Breeana


In a thread on the MUCK's official forum, Alaskan MUCK's staff announced that they would be taking a hands-off approach in regards to roleplaying and tinylots on their game. Wizard Artemis stated that Alaskan MUCK is "not meant to be like other MUCKs" and that she "personally, will not listen to any b****ing about lack of RP if [players are] not out there seeking it [themselves]." [1]

Additionally, staff emphasized that the game is "intended to be a more private MUCK" and that "RP on this MUCK is going to be very player driven, as opposed to staff driven." [2]

There was no limit on the number of characters that can be applied for, and no cap on wolf-dog characters.


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