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Alaskah (also known as Alaskah Wolf, born May 31) is an artist and inactive fursuiter who lives in the United States.


Her main fursona is a white Alaskan wolf (not to be confused with Arctic wolves), with blue markings and violet eyes. Alaskah enjoys friends and company, and will become puddy in your hands if you offer her, or mention, ice cream—it being her favorite treat. Alaskah's interests also include drinking slushies, star gazing, and her favorite color is blue. She is known to have several secondary fursonas.

  • Alaskah - A female, mostly white, Alaskan wolf with two shades of blue markings, and a black paw print on her shoulder. Alaskah best embodies optimism, cheerfulness, and playfulness.
  • Sticker - A male, orange gold, Folfsky with white and brown markings. He is Alaskah's second fursona and has a personality much like an actual fox, but he can be shy at times.
  • Veyron - A male, reddish-brown and white, Red Saber Panda (Red Panda/Smilodon) with dark brown, black, and green markings. He is Alaskah's third fursona and resembles a much more ruder and punk version who likes to go out of the norm and do things his own way. A quote he is normally seen making would be, "I'm making my own path. And nobody is going to change that." Most people come to learn that he is very assertive.
  • Decker - A male, light grey, Dragon Wolf Deer with white, black, and card markings (hence his name). He is definitely the more sassier fursona that Alaskah has and is often rebellious with a known bad temper.

Red Saber Panda[edit]

Red Saber Panda is a fictional hybrid species between a Red Panda and a Saber-toothed Tiger, often called "Saber-toothed Panda", "Red-toothed Panda", and even "Red Tigers". They are fluffy little things that often have varying personalities. Their species name came to be after Veyron was created and Alaskah continued to call him a Red Saber Panda before deciding to develop the species name.


Red Saber Pandas can have any coat color but must have long coats, short ears, the standard red panda markings around their face, and have long tails with rings around them. --updating--

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