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Al the Bunny (real name Allen Hopper) is a Canadian furry most commonly known for his roleplaying and writing, however he also dabbles in art and commonly draws the characters featured in his stories as well as fanart for other furries. His choice of fursona, a white rabbit, was inspired by his surname as well as his love for the species - throughout Al's artwork and stories, rabbit characters are predominant.

In 2003 he was a key player in the now defunct Chada RPG where he played several characters including his fursona, his fursona's female equivalent called Alain, an Indian elephant named Geesh and a small hybrid creature of origins unknown by the name of Chelsea Hydra Seabed.


  • Al the Bunny is Allen's main character and fursona. He is portrayed as a white, albino bunny with vampiric tendancies. He has a sister by the name of Alain.
  • Alain Cole is the sister of Al the Bunny - like her brother she is also a white rabbit. She is an extremely successful businesswoman who made her millions in the porn industry. Alain seems to have a knack for leaving a trail of destruction behind her wherever she goes and as a result, has learned to stand her ground against most opponents. Alain has had a long string of lovers and had two children by the names of Xiayou and Nuuska. She is currently married to a human politician named Thomas Zinc.
  • Geesh the elephant is a former Indian slave who escaped to England. She is shy and unaccustomed to the ways of the English natives which often results in her finding herself in embarrassing situations.
  • Chelsea Hydra Seabed is an underground-dwelling creature who speaks in broken English and acts more feral than the majority of Allen's characters. Her origins are mysterious and little has ever been revealed about her.

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