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Akuma_Datboi (formerly Zion_Datboi, born December 22, 2002)[1] is a fursuiter and fursuit maker who has been making fursuits since the age of ten.[2]

Akuma attended Califur 2016[2] and has completed in dance competitions.

Akuma speaks English and Cambodian.


  • Remix, a gray hellhound with piercings all over. 2016
  • Akuma, a "hellhound shepherd hybrid" fursuit.2016-2017[2]
  • Blue, a fursuit that Akuma wore to Califur 2016.[2]
  • gummy, a black, blue, red, dinomutt,"Gay" fursuit 2017
  • "Blueberry", a budgie griffin hybrid, fursuit 2017


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