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Artwork made by Dream and Nightmare in honor of Akira7's memory

Akira7, also known as AkiraVII (born July 14th 1991, died March 26, 2018), was a furry fan who lived in Germany in the vicinity of Dresden. He worked as a nurse in a hospital. The number seven in his username was chosen because it had a very special meaning for him. His fursona had a tattoo with the number seven on the arm as well.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Akira was a passive member of the fandom roughly since 2010. He became an active member in early 2017 and joined Fur Affinity on January 2, 2017. He was also noted to be a big fan of artist Dream and Nightmare, and writer Gruffy. He was planning to go to the Eurofurence 23 - but a foot injury prevented him from attending. End of August 2017, he became an active member in the German Furry forum furbase where he made a number of friends. He was looking forward to attend Eurofurence 24 and meet several of his friends there.


Akira's fursona was a male melanistic leopard named Ito.[1]


On April 7, 2018, furry artist Dream and Nightmare, revealed on his journal that Akira7 has passed away. [2]


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