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Akhanu, also known as Akhanu Husky or Akhanuhusky is a furry whose "fursona" is a black and white anthropomorphic Wolfamute (Wolf/Malamute hybrid). Akhanu's coloration patterns are that of a normal malamute, but following the backside of his jawline that leads up to a point just behind his ears are white spikes. His tail is not curled normally, but straight, like a wolf, though fluffy like a malamute. Clothes, if worn, are usually purple and black trip pants with some shirt that has matching purple on it, or his purple fleece jacket. Sometimes Akhanu will be seen with a sledding harness on, or with rock climbing/cave exploring gear on. Akhanu's nipples are pierced with 12 gauge rings, tongue with 6 gauge barbell, and ears with 6 gauge tribal designs. Akhanu's feet and hands have purple pawpads. His chest is the normal white that most canines have. Akhanu's legs are NOT digigrade, but like a human's. Akhanu's feet are the normal somewhat large canine feet that most anthro canines have. Akhanu rarely wears shoes, barepaw runs, and when he does have shoes, wears Vibram 5 finger shoes that are as close to being barepawed as possible.

In his normal everyday life, Akhanu Husky is a Network Administrator, Electronics Technician, and Chef. Akhanu free-runs, rock climbs, cliff dives, trail runs, SCUBA dives, and goes spelunking (cave exploring), camping and other outdoor or "extreme" sports. Akhanu spent 8 years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician. Akhanu is in the process of getting his bachelor's degrees in Informations Systems Technology and Culinary Arts. Akhanu also runs a furry World of Warcraft (WoW) guild, Casino Murr, on the horde side of the Zul'jin (US) server, and is one of the network admins on Furry4life.org.