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Cyantian Chronicles
Author(s) Tiffany Ross
Update schedule sporadically
Genre Science Fiction
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The Cyantian Chronicles was created by Tiffany Ross of Shivae Studios in 2001. Rather than just being one comic, it is a collection of comic series which are all related to each other. They all use the same world, and follow a timeline. In fact, each comic takes place in a set span of time, although they are not arranged according to chronological order on the site except in the about pages. This comic set is generally known as either The Cyantian Chronicles or as Akaelae. Sections of the comic include The Cyantian Chronicles, Exotica Genoworks, Sink or Swim, Campus Safari, and Shivae!.

The following is content quoted directly from the comic's about page:

Akaelae consists of three parts at the moment. The first section is a story entitled: Satin and Silke Prequel. This was originally written and drawn to provide a background story for two characters, Chatin and Cilke and also to introduce Syrys Akaelae, Collin and Quinn. Chatin and Cilke were originally created as consumer goods by Exotica Genoworks. Collin and Quinn are genetically designed Siracs, a name given to psychically gifted racoon species which were singled out to experiment with mental abilities. They were left behind to watch a cryogenically frozen wolf,... an enemy of the fox people, which was also intended to destroy the facility they were in, offering cover to the administration of EG, to remove themselves from the Fox government's hold on them to create more and more violent creations.


Akaelae is the actual 'origin' story and prequel to Campus Safari, the first comic I did online. It follows the life of several young wolves and foxes... and many other species as they deal with a world that is suddenly changing from what it has been for as long as they've been alive. New evils have arrived and old ones are returning with a plot to destroy the guardian family of the Cyantian Wolves... the Akaelaes.

The Cyantian Chronicles is a slew of comics written by Tiffany Ross. They center around a civilization of fictional anthropomorphic animals, called Cyantians. It mainly focuses on the wolves, foxes, and cats (called mounties in the comic) that were created by an alien race that has died off. The stories also include genetically engineered skunks that were created by the foxes. Later, in Campus Safari and onward, there have been some humans in the story.

The comic is available online as well as a comic book that can be bought at the Shivae store.


the Cyantian Chronicles involves several different species, most of which could be considered furies. These can be divided up into several categories; Exotica Genoworks creations, Rumuah creations and native Cyantians as well as a number of other non-Cyantians.


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The following comics are currently[when?] at the main web site. However, the Cyantian universe is diverse and has many stories that are not on the website. Also, all of the stories are "Graphic Novels in Progress".

Gralen Cragg Hall[edit]

This story tells what happened in the fox lands when the government was overthrown and a genocide of foxes with black, silver, or white fur.

Genoworks Saga[edit]

Will tell of the events surrounding Exotica Genoworks. This includes the kangaroos from Sink or Swim; the Genoworks skunks Cilke, Chatin, and Cisco; and other Genoworks-related characters.

Satin and Silk[edit]

Being replaced by Genoworks Saga, it told of what happened to the Genoworks skunks.

Puppet Strings[edit]

A fairly short arc that involved the return of a Genoworks skunk and an introduction of another psychic raccoon who has ulterior motives.

from the website:

The second section is Puppet Strings. This was another story featuring the same characters... and their encounter with a lost brother and another Sirac. This story takes place just prior to Akaelae.


This comic shows when the Genoworks skunks and the young elite wolves go to school. They have entered their teens and are going to general education. In this arc, Darius finds Darrik, Chatin searches for secrets, and Rama is up to his old tricks again.

Among all of the comics, this is the only one that has all of it's pages in color.

Campus Safari[edit]

The first comic to come out, it involves Chatin and some of her friends' brief stay on Earth when her sister plays with a personal transporter. After getting rescued, they end up going to an academy located on Mars.

The following stories take place at the same time as Campus Safari:

Sink or Swim[edit]

This Comic deals with genetically-engineered kangaroos and their way of life. They were abused by the foxes and when one of them snapped, she severely damaged Exotica Genoworks, allowing many of the tortured military subjects to escape.

No Angel[edit]

This story involves Jules who wants to return to earth. When she walks into a portal that transports her home, she learns that it would have been wiser to listen to Darius.

The more recent strips are in their own continuity.

Cesilee's Diary[edit]

Cesilee's Diary mainly deals with Cesilee, an Ocelot/Puma hybrid that has fallen in love with Marcus. However, he doesn't exactly feel the same way about her.

Main Characters[edit]



Created at Exotica Genoworks as "art," she was left behind when the facility was mainly destroyed. She seems a bit clumsy in her early years, but makes it up with her intelligence.



Darius is a short, white wolf. In Akeklae, he is arrogant and a bit of a know-it-all.

In Campus Safari, he is the commander of the perimiter gaurd.



Quinn is a childish individual. like all Siracs, or psychic raccoons, she has psychic abilities. She has the ability, and the habit, of teleporting. She has a very happy demeanor and is rarely depressed. Of the two main Siracs (the other being her brother Collin), she is the one who works with expanding her abilities.


Wolf-Mountie(Cat) hybrid.

The main antagonist in the stories. He seems to hold a big grudge against the wolves, and even got the foxes to fight for him. He was momentarily exiled on earth, but as of Akaklae, has returned.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Marcus: A furry fanatic, was pleasantly surprised when Chatin and Cilke 'arrived' at a furry convention. He asked Cilke to marry him while throwing himself on her tail, which earned him a black eye. He is happy to be on Mars and fits in fine, for the most part.
  • Jules: An Anime fan, she was more or less forced to go to the Mars Academy due to the fact that the AMIB was coming after her and Marcus. She was reluctant to believe it and wanted to return home. However, when she gets back to earth, she is captured by the AMIB and "persuaded" to be a spy on Mars.
  • Cilke: Chatin's "sister." She is white with red markings and smells of strawberries. In Campus Safari, she is shown being a proficient pilot and soldier, having her own powered combat suit known as a "lift".
  • Sheana:
  • Twinky: Named after the treat with the same name, he is a were-skunk, a human that can change into a normal earth skunk or an anthropomorphic skunk. He is first seen in Campus Safari as a normal skunk that escaped a maze and was eating Twinkies. He is quickly released back "into the wild," but becomes a frequent visitor. Soon after, he writes a little note and waits on Jules and Marcus's front door. Chatin takes a liking to him and he becomes her "pet." He isn't revealed until after he protects Chatin from an assailant.
  • Darrik: In Akaelae, he is a black fox that was raised in Jamaica and somehow ended up on Cyantia. Like all black fox, he has the ability to manipulate matter, but his parents hid this knowledge from him. By Campus Safari, he is married and during this time, his wife gives birth. During Akaelae, he has his fur dyed to disguise him as a gold fox and thus protect him from hostile fox agents while living with the Akaelaes.
  • Collin: Quinn's "brother."
  • Stephen and Sean:

Celina: A pretty white wolf who, anthough appears to hate Darius, harbors a hidden love for him



Cyantian Chronicles takes place during the late 20th-early 21st century.


The place where Mars Academy is located. It, along with Venus, is being Terraformed to be habitable by the Cyantians as a peace offering to Earth when they make contact. However, the U.S. government seems to think that they are trying to invade and take over Earth.


A planet that has all of the Cyantians. Cyantia is also known as Cyantzium.


Cyantia's moon. It is about five times the size of our moon, and it also has its own moon. It is mainly inhabited by Avisterians, or anthropomorphic birds.

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