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Ainoko Ironrose (born July 13, 1965)[1] is a furry writer who lives in Euless, Texas, U.S.A.[1]


Ainoko's fursona is a seven-foot-tall cheolf (a cheetah/wolf hybrid).[2] His fur is shiny black and of medium length, with dark (near-black) red markings like a cheetah's. There is a sapphire-blue slash across his left eye and he has a pair of shoulder length pink braids. His tail is long, just dragging the ground before curling up.

Ainoko's eyes are a bright, intense yellow, bordering on gold. His muzzle is shorter than a wolf's and feline in appearance. His wolf stature is softened from his feline bloodline; he possesses both the grace and agility of both bloodlines. Unlike a wolf, he can retract his claws, making him a formidable opponent in any fight.

Ainoko possesses special powers that few furs realize (and Ainoko himself has yet to discover he has them). He has the ability to control the planet's electrical field with a mere thought, and also has the limited ability to read the minds of others. His two primary weapons of choice are a 7.5’ long staff and a dirk.


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