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Tania Walker as her fursona

Tania Walker is an animator and furry artist who hails from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. An ex-Disney inbetweener (an animator assistant who draws the frames in between "key frames" drawn by the lead animators,) she currently works as a product/toy designer for a merchandising company.

Until recently, she lived with Robbie, who she recently broke up with, Victoria Eden at the furry house, the Asylum. Vicki and Tania produce a fortnightly webcomic called Crikey Duck!. Tania is noted for her ongoing campaign to bring anthropomorphic ducks back into the eye of the fandom, or as she puts it, "Carl Barksify the joint".

Her art is Disney-influenced, but carries unique stylisations of her own. She aims to mix a smooth, flowing line with a degree of energetic angularity.

She can be found online as Animator on DeviantArt, or as Ailurophile on LiveJournal, where she puts in her maximum procrastination hours.


Tania doesn't have a fursona per se, but for the purposes of her appearances in her own comic, she's a short and noisy little platypus.


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