Aikho Ursidae

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Aikho (Aikho Ursidae), or Filip Gran Reierskog, is a fur (and therianthrope) from Norway. He was born in the late summer of 1989 and grew up with the average Norwegian family. He found the fandom in 2004, but didn't involve himself until the last half of 2005. His involvement in furry fandom started about a month after he crashed into the were community. He considers himself a bear therianthrope and chose the Grizzly Bear as his fursona.


Aikho loves listening to music, especially the harder styles of dance, like Hardstyle and Gabber. In 2003, he found an article in a magazine about Fruity Loops Studio (renamed FL Studio), and after trying it, learned how to make his own songs. His first attempts "weren't too good", but he didn't lose hope, and gradually got better. Now he is most commonly known as WUB (Dubstep), but he has had many other aliases, some that are still in use. These are T.Z. (his first alias, no longer used), EuroQore (Gabber and Oldschool Gabber), D-AuX (Hardstyle and Jumpstyle), Tinnitus (Schranz/Hardtechno), Aikho (Synth Orchestral), T.A.Z (Orchestral Hardtechno), Tod (Electro/House) and Azure (Electronic body music and Minimal Tech/House). He has also made a few DJ mixes which reside somewhere on the internet as well as having a couple of live DJ performances in a public swimming hall in his hometown as well as a couple of small web radios in America.

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