Aidan Cheddar

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Aidan Cheddar

Aidan Cheddar, also known as Zc456, Squeaks, and formally Zenon Tigerpaw (real name Robert Leland), is an anthro artist, writer, web designer and programer, who lives in South Carolina, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

He owns the start-up personal studio and services company known as Aidan's Burrow, and used to own the Ning social network Furry United.


His main fursona/avatar/character is a male mouse that goes by the same name.

Aidan's Burrow[edit]

TPaw Publishing Inc.'s logo

Aidan's Burrow,[2] formerly known as TPaw Publishing Inc. (formerly Tigerpaw Studios [2009 - 2010], and TPaw Productions [2010 - 2013]), is a start up multimedia/tech company[clarify] changed to personal studio and services company.[3]

It was founded in 2009 as Tigerpaw Studios in partnership with Nevin Fox, formerly Aurora Fox, as a download site for The Sims 2 and Trainz. The site failed to gain interest and full ownership was transferred over to Aidan Cheddar, where it was re-branded as TPaw.


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