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Ahmar Wolf, also known as Dr_Timefox on Twitter[1] (real name Ed Nelson), is a furry blogger, writer and photographer, who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA.[1] His fursona is a red wolf.[2] His Furry Times blog (which was originally called Yiffy Times) has been in operation since April 27, 2009.

His news blog Furry Times has a content partnership with Pawsry The Wolf's Global Furry Television.


Furry Times has posted fake news on multiple occasions. Ahmar Wolf reported his belief in a hoax in "Did A Member of the Insane Clown Posse Goto MFF 2018?" and says "there are just too many questions to believe this report is real".[3] The story was not corrected for over a year after mainstream news reported it was real.[4] A joke story by The Hard Times was posted as real.[5]

On January 12, 2019, Ahmar posted a story about Patch O'Furr, editor of Dogpatch Press, claiming that he is "pro cub porn,[6] and adding the additional claim that he is a Nazi 10 days later.[7] In these posts, Ahmar stated, "I will go on record saying I do not support cub porn in any way shape or form. You will never see CP on this news blog ever,"[6] and that he believes such art is a "gateway" to real child pornography.[7]

However, Furry Times hosted pirated versions of cub porn magazines Softpaw and Finding Avalon since at least 2012, and had a tag specifically for posting cub pornography.[8][9] The content was taken down after being hosted by Furry Times for 7-10 years of failing to get copyright permission or screen for access by minors.

In fact, between the two posts about Dogpatch Press, on January 19, 2019, Furry Times posted underage/nonconsensual porn fiction.[10] NSFW cub porn stories were posted, credited to "Horatio Husky".[11][12][13][14] Some of the content is stolen from SoFurry and falsely labeled as "by Horatio Husky", the actual authors being J Baby and FenixZ2. [15] [16] On September 6, 2019, after finding out that the posted material was stolen those stories were taken down.[citation needed].

Ahmar Wolf has blamed a "wannabe Hitler" for being banned from every furmeet in his area.[17] After a ban from Chicago are "LAFF Boo! At The Zoo" for harassing other attendees, Ahmar's repeated social media posting about it led organizers to alert the zoo Guest Services to protect the meet and warn attendees to get security if they saw him.[18][19] After the meet, Ahmar continued denying causing drama [20] while taunting organizers about evading his bans.[21]

Ongoing controversy led to removal of all writing by Ahmar Wolf from Polyspice.com.[22] He posted "I figured out the perfect revenge for those idiots who soiled my good name"[23] and threatened a lawsuit with a claim that "if I decided to sue, it would be a slam dunk. I could win ANY amount I decide to use for."[24]


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