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Ahastar is a German Lava Dome Five artist who draws trampling, crushing, and snuff artwork. His work is usually heavily detailed, leaning towards a more realistic instead of comical style.


Even though he has drawn a few furries, Ahastar strongly leans towards reptiles, especially dragons and dinosaurs. He vastly prefers animalistic to anthropomorphic creatures.

Ahastar offers a few simple animations on his website as well, the largest one being a heavily paw-fetish based strip called "Allosaur Playgrounds."

In his often gory artwork, he usually uses his own character (a non-anthropomorphic, white scaled Deinonychus-demon crossbreed) as the victim of torment. He once noted that "He doesn't do that to get his jollies up, but because he considers Ahastar with his white scaled skin, cocky IC-attitude and physical beauty to be the perfect victim."

Ahastar is also a close friend of Diablo, sometimes creating mutual artwork with him.

External links[edit]

  • DemonWorks DemonWorks is Ahastar's website at Lava Dome Five. Please be aware that it might be inappropriate for anyone under 18 years.