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Ahastar is a German artist.


Ahastar draws trampling, crushing, and snuff artwork. His work is usually heavily detailed, leaning towards a more realistic instead of comical style. Even though he has drawn a few furries, Ahastar strongly leans towards reptiles, especially dragons and dinosaurs. He vastly prefers animalistic to anthropomorphic creatures.

Ahastar offers a few simple animations on his website as well, the largest one being a heavily paw-fetish based comic strip called Allosaur Playgrounds.

In his often gory artwork, he usually uses his own character (a non-anthropomorphic, white scaled Deinonychus-demon crossbreed) as the victim of torment. He once noted that:

He doesn't do that to get his jollies up, but because he considers Ahastar with his white scaled skin, cocky IC-attitude and physical beauty to be the perfect victim.

Ahastar is also a close friend of Diablo, sometimes creating mutual artwork with him.

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